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Our Story

Our Story

Kawaconn was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2019 by our Chief Executive Officer, Mark Gibbins.  The company was created with the overarching goal of creating a superior industry for all personal injury organizations. The result is an enterprise encompassing platform that provides personal injury organisations with more control over their future by assisting healthcare professionals and legal practitioners to streamline key processes within their business through one centralised software program.

Kawaconn automates the evidence gathering and storing process. With Kawaconn, those who require any type of medical record, factual investigation or file review for a case can use Kawaconn as the tool for gathering and storing the evidence. On the backend, Kawaconn helps businesses to manage such administrative tasks as tracking client data, tracking revenue, integrating with outlook, and billing clients . Businesses are even able to use Kawaconn as a booking software for appointments such as independent examinations. This all contributes to Kawaconn’s ability to save time and money.

The software is tailored to suit the specific needs of each individual organisation depending on its industry sector. In this sense, the software is very flexible. When a client purchases Kawaconn, a process begins whereby our client solutions team meets with the client to find out about the specifics of their company and adjust the software accordingly. From there, we offer a process of education, demonstration and integration with the client to educate them on the software. Once the software has been installed, we are always here to answer questions and support our clients. Click here to submit an expression of interest and set up a consultation meeting with our team.

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  • Kawaconn IME

    This Kawaconn app covers the entire search and find, book to bill process for your panel of specialists. Save at least three hours of staff time for every Independent Medical Examination.

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  • Kawaconn Review

    From the management of paperwork delivery to the procurement of dictations and reports, you will never be more than a few clicks away from satisfying your clients needs with Kawaconn Review.

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  • Kawaconn Triage

    Save up to $10,000 per medical negligence case with Kawaconn Triage by following our medical negligence module step by step to determine the likelihood of negligence.

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