Kawaconn Demo

Kawaconn Demo

This Kawaconn demo has been developed to give you the opportunity to try out the software for yourself. We understand that purchasing a software such as ours for your business is not a decision you should take lightly, therefore we want you to feel as comfortable as possible that we are the right fit for you. 

The demo site gives you access to a wide variety of our modules, although some features have been restricted, the look and feel of the site is exactly the same as it will be for your employees, should you decide to buy the full software. 

Click here to open the demo site. The login details are:

Username: demo1

Password: Demo@123456

Tenant: MLP DEMO

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  • Kawaconn IME

    This Kawaconn app covers the entire search and find, book to bill process for your panel of specialists. Save at least three hours of staff time for every Independent Medical Examination.

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  • Kawaconn Review

    From the management of paperwork delivery to the procurement of dictations and reports, you will never be more than a few clicks away from satisfying your clients needs with Kawaconn Review.

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  • Kawaconn Triage

    Save up to $10,000 per medical negligence case with Kawaconn Triage by following our medical negligence module step by step to determine the likelihood of negligence.

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