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Client Relationship Management

Client Relationship Management

Kawaconn provides clients a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) system that helps businesses manage their customer relationships. By building a Report Centre in which clients can filter and export concise customer lists, Kawaconn helps clients identify and improve ongoing customer relationships. 

Once targeted customers are identified, Kawaconn clients can utilise our in-house Marketing Campaigns module to promote their business and improve customer relationships. By providing customers with relevant and timely messages, our clients see improvements in their customer engagement. Kawaconn’s Marketing Campaigns are capable of delivering thousands of targeted customer emails in an instance, whether it is to promote their business or to highlight overall trends. After being sent, clients can track and measure the success of their campaigns. 

With CRM, Kawaconn is a valuable tool for businesses looking to increase their reach and engagement with customers. 

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  • Kawaconn IME

    This Kawaconn app covers the entire search and find, book to bill process for your panel of specialists. Save at least three hours of staff time for every Independent Medical Examination.

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  • Kawaconn Review

    From the management of paperwork delivery to the procurement of dictations and reports, you will never be more than a few clicks away from satisfying your clients needs with Kawaconn Review.

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  • Kawaconn Triage

    Save up to $10,000 per medical negligence case with Kawaconn Triage by following our medical negligence module step by step to determine the likelihood of negligence.

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