For Lenders

A lender’s contribution to a law practice firm plays an important part to its success. Disbursement lenders provide the capital necessary to fund the firm’s operations, providing funding to third-party costs including medical records and reports. However, as with all forms of lending, disbursement lending comes with risks that needs to be managed. 

Kawaconn provides a risk-management software solution for disbursements lending by providing transparency between stakeholders and reduces potential risks to personal injury matters. By determining acceptable criteria to qualify cases for disbursement funding, lenders can trust that their lending comes with minimal risks. Additionally, the software helps lenders automate the process and management of disbursements, making it faster and more efficient. This helps lenders save time and money, while ensuring that disbursements are conducted with risk mitigation in consideration. With Kawaconn, lenders can be confident that their disbursements are secure and that they are mitigating risk.